Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Why is radiography necessary

Getting periodic radiographies will determine probable lesions in teeth and jaws

How often do you need radiography

Panoramic radiography can help diagnosis of probable lesions in early stages once a year. Periapical radiography is also recommended for diagnosis of dental caries

Is dental radiology radiation harmful to human body

It is worthy of note that radiation levels from panoramic and Periapical radiography units are not high, and periodic radiographies are not health threatening

Can you get radiography during pregnancy

Researches show that dental radiation level to fetus is insignificant, in a way that risk of miscarriage is very low. However, postponing radiography postpartum is recommended for non-emergency cases; and in emergency cases, lead covers should be used

Why CBCT technique should be used for placing dental implant

This technique offers 3D observation of dental and maxillofacial anatomical structures; consequently, it helps surgeons to assess the implant placement properly